You have questions, skepticism, and want to believe. Click the button below and book a quick, 10-min call and ask me what your objections might be.

I’ll let you know what I do and how I do it; then, it’s your turn.

This isn’t a sales or strategy call. It’s simply a Q&A where you can ask me anything to assess whether or not we think we could work with each other.

Notice how I don’t have a services menu? Yeah, I don’t know what the hell you need.

This session is a 2 to 4 hour Zoom interview where I’ll listen to everything you have to tell me about your business — who you are, who you serve, how you serve them, and most importantly, WHY.

How many other boring companies have offered you this, right?

However, we’ll uncover a brand strategy from the ground up. One that sparks interest, is met with emotion, and cultivates loyal relationships.

I’ll look to help you unlock opportunities to better position your brand as the go-to authority of your expertise and the solutions you’re already offering, but in a less 9-5 corporate, shoot-me-in-the-face angle.

At the end of this session, you’ll get a neat and tidy recommendations list, I, as the mighty brand designer, feel you should get your ass on.

Take it, run with it on your own, give it to your internal team, or keep me on to do it for you.

This PDF is yours for a cool $300 USD.

If you already have another designer/developer in mind you’d rather work with to implement your game plan, you’re more than welcome to go your way (I encourage it since the level of investment is much pricier and you could find less expensive designers on Upwork).

However, if you want to stick around and get the boss branding your business needs as of right now, we’re going to go full-speed with your identity system: logo, print collateral, website, social media, & marketing automation (where applicable).

The key asset will be your brand book because it’ll be your source of truth for all other creative and copy to cultivate a cohesive brand story.

Friend, we’re about to tell a story Netflix wishes they would’ve told.

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Who is this NOT for?

I hope the idea of working with me gets you excited. However, I only work with a few clients at a time. I have to be extremely selective because this is a results-driven service and I need to give these projects my complete attention to delivering quality and speed.

If you qualify for the opportunity for us to work together, we need to be honest and forward to what we can expect to get the most from this relationship.

To do this, it would help most if you:

  1. Accept that I’ll be honest and open in my communication with you;
  2. You’re not concerned with micro-managing the project;
  3. You’ll allow me to make design (and if applicable, marketing split-testing) decisions geared towards your business goals and site visitor expectations.

If you let me be the expert of what I know that I can do and you never have to worry about web design decisions again, we’ll be just fine.

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