The stupid-proof calculator to price your main service offer.

Last updated on Wednesday, Oct 06

Stop undercharging for your service.

Still struggling with how much you should charge for your main service offer?

I got chu, boo. I worked really hard to math this right so you wouldn’t have to.

Of course, it isn’t definitive of your every expense, but it should give you a ball park idea of where you’re at, what income goals you could be aiming for, and what your pricing needs to be in order for you to get there.

Go ahead and play with some numbers and then let me know below in the comments section what you think.

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Now what?

How were your numbers like? Are they realistic & attainable? Are you scared by your own ambitions?

Listen, if you’ve only been able to make $1 in a day, $10 is quite daunting.

However, if we could figure out how to help you make even $1.50 more, then it’s all about baby steps, baby.

But we got vacations to take and these bills ain’t paying themselves faster.

So what do you do? Stop giving away stupid free consultations. I can teach you that.

Sign up to the offer below and find out how you can better position your brand to start charging the prices your business deserves.


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