The ultimate SaaS communities (100+) list, and growing.

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Join the most active SaaS communities to validate, build, launch & grow your product.

Several of these communities are completely free to join, others are invite-only, and the rest are paid programs, services or accelerators.

I’ve categorized the list so you can jump around and browse à la carte.

☝🏽 i. Forums

  • StartupNation StartupNation’s community forums encourage active group discussions with like-minded entrepreneurs sharing tips and valuable advice. Interact with users on topics relating to entrepreneurship, startups, small business and more
  • Cloud Computing & SaaS Forum Get answers from your peers along with millions of IT pros who visit Spiceworks.
  • Startup Alliance Join our global community of committed entrepreneurs, working together to drive innovation and create value worldwide.
  • The Fastlane Forum Join 50,000+ entrepreneurs who are earning their freedom and living their dream through the power of Unscripted® Entrepreneurship.
  • Bootstrapped Founders Club The Bootstrapped Founders club is a private members club for founders who are bootstrapping their products to chat and network with like-minded people.
  • Indie Hackers Learn from the founders of profitable apps, businesses, and side projects.
  • GrowthHackers Premier Growth Community
  • SaaS Invaders All topics on SaaS growth, marketing, customer success, product, sales and business.

☝🏽 ii. Groups


  • The UX Audit Helping SaaS companies design profitable web apps. (*My own group.)
  • SaaS Growth Hacks SGH is a community of founders, CEOs, and professionals related to the SaaS world. This group has helped thousands of folks start, scale, and run their SaaS businesses.
  • SaaS Revolutionaries SaaS Revolutionaries is a curated group for SaaS founders, executives, and investors. We aim to connect SaaS leaders on a global scale, fostering opportunities to learn and grow within the SaaS community.
  • SaaS Products & Marketing
  • SaaS Pirates Do you want to become a SaaS Pirate AARRR! Let’s share thoughts, progress and hacks on building a SaaS.
  • SaaS Founders & Execs SaaS Founders Network is a community for founders. In this group, we discuss what’s working for each other, share tips and answer questions about common challenges founders face on their journey to building and scaling a successful SaaS business.
  • Saas Breakthrough Community
  • SaaS AdLab This group was created for sharing tips, strategies and case studies about SaaS products.
  • SaaS Launchpad
  • Scaling SaaS Founders My mission in life is to support 1M founders to scale their SaaS companies.
  • Ladies in SaaS The Ladies in SaaS mission is to build a strong, empowered community of women committed to the success of tech. We do this by creating environments that allow ladies in saas to increase their network, grow their skills, and to make connections that allow them to accelerate and celebrate their successful careers.
  • SaaS Sofia


  • Cloud Computing and SaaS Best Practices The Cloud Computing and SaaS Best Practices Group is an open forum for Directors, VPs, and C-level executives working in Product Management, Operations and Information Technology. Join in to interact with peers and discuss best practices in Cloud Computing, cloud hosting, and SaaS.
  • Cloud & Saas Startups Cloud & SaaS Startups involve an incredibly unique business model. Our goal is to facilitate discussion around Cloud applications & SaaS business formation and growth and in the following areas: Awareness, Onboarding, Technology, Customer Service, Financial Modeling, SLAs, and Security.
  • SaaS Marketing University Software delivery is changing, and software companies without a Software-as-a-Service or SaaS strategy are going to fall behind their competition. SAAS Marketing University brings subscribers top-notch information and research on transforming, creating, and running their SaasS-based business.
  • Software as a Service – SaaS – Group This group (hosted in English Language) is open to all professionals active in information technology – particularly the Software as a Service area (SaaS) – to discuss how SaaS can alleviate the customer’s burden of software maintenance, ongoing operation, and support.
  • SaaS innovation and Tips New technology and innovation are forcing companies to rethink their ERP strategy. SaaS is now mainstream; it has emerged as the next generation of technology for companies of all sizes and industries. Learn how others are shaping the SaaS industry and tips for projects you are currently working on.
  • SaaS (Software as a Service) Networkers  A group for all net-workers interested in the Cloud Inferno. This network aims at innovating this space for times to come. Lets build the future!This group is open to all professionals active in the Cloud Computing to discuss how SaaS can alleviate the customer’s burden of software maintenance, ongoing operation, and support. Goal of this community is to connect these SaaS / S+S / Cloud Computing professionals.
  • Big Data, SaaS and Cloud Software This is a national networking group to network and share vital candidates, companies and recruiters that are closely aligned with Enterprise Sales within the technology sector of Big Data, SaaS and Cloud Computing. It is to discuss and review current industry news, trends, resources, job opportunities, best practices, approaches, job and employment outlook, interview refinement, coaching and mentoring, as well as other pertinent topics that can lead you to make better decisions.
  • !!!! Cloud Computing | VMware | Open Stack | PaaS | SaaS | Nutanix | AWS !!!! Community belongs for Technical Expert Peoples who can share their experience or problems with help of this community.~! I appreciate your valuable Time ….More Relevant discussion about Cloud Computing | VMware | Open Stack | PaaS | SaaS | Nutanix | AWS etc.
  • L@SSO – SaaS Service Operations This group focuses on the issues that matter to SaaS Service Operations professionals. Whether you are an Operations Engineer, a Customer Support Manager, a Virtualization Expert, a Netrwok Engineer, an Application Manager, VP Operations, an IT Professional working for a SaaS company, this is the place to exchange practices, ask questions, complain, and share blunders.
  • SaaS Customer Success Find new ways to help scale and streamline customer success.Topics of discussion include negative churn, customer retention cost, adding value, everything as a service, on-boarding, collaboration, customer health, and everything that adds value in the customer success world.
  • SaaS Metrics Running a SaaS or subscription business requires more than just understanding your top level financial statements. You need to dig deeper to understand the operational metrics that truly determine the health of your business. This is a group to share best practices in SaaS metrics. Think CAC, MRR…
  • Oracle Cloud SaaS,PaaS,IaaS This group (hosted in English Language) is open to all professionals active in information technology – particularly the Software as a Service area (SaaS) – to discuss how SaaS can alleviate the customer’s burden of software maintenance, ongoing operation, and support.
  • Cloud and SaaS Startup Leaders Our goal is to facilitate discussion with fellow Cloud & SaaS startup leaders to share ideas and discuss business growth in the following areas: Awareness, Authority, Engagement, Lead Generation, Sales, Onboarding, Technology, Customer Service, Financial Modeling, SLAs, and Security.
  • Cloud SAAS / IAAS A group for Cloud Computing & Virtualization professionals to expand their network of contacts, share idea’s and discuss industry related topics.The group covers SaaS, IAAS, PaaS, Cloud Security & Server, Desktop, Application Virtualization technologies.
  • SaaS Professionals This group is open to all professionals in the Software as a Service arena (SaaS) to discuss how SaaS can alleviate the customer’s burden of software maintenance, ongoing operation, and support. Goal of this community is to connect these professionals innovating this space for times to come.
  • SaaS Growth Network SaaS Growth Network is a community for business owners and developers in the software industry. This forum is dedicated to best practices, resources, and information about customer acquisition in the software industry.Our mission is to facilitate a collaborative environment where you can learn, network, share, and advance the objectives of your organization and your career.
  • SaaS (Software as a Service) Network for Founders, CEOs, Investors and Executives This group is for those running SaaS businesses in the B2C or B2B space to share insights and network.The goal of this community is to share knowledge in order to achieve even higher growth through through things we’ve all learned.



  • r/startup
  • r/startups The place to discuss startup problems and solutions. Startups are companies that are designed to grow and scale rapidly.
  • r/SaaS Discussions and useful links for SaaS owners, online business owners, and more.
  • r/web_design A community dedicated to all things web design.
  • r/UserExperienceDesign Use this as a reddit for thoughts or resources about User Experience (UX), Information Architecture (IA) or Interaction Design (ID).
  • r/UXResearch A community for sharing and discussing UX research. The goal is to think about UX research broadly and consider studies from related/overlapping disciplines (e.g., market research, medical anthropology, public health, design research). Open to both academic and applied research.
  • r/UXDesign The community of UX Designers and anybody who’s interested in.
  • r/UXandUI Focused on the intersection of anthropology, design and technology. This subreddit showcases the best user experiences, interfaces, and best practices to help define this emerging field.
  • r/UX_Design A gathering of UX designers and UX researchers talking about everything User experience. Start now by posting interesting tools, case studies, and resources!
  • r/UI_Design Topics related to UI design, mobile UI design, mobile app design, etc.
  • r/UI_programming
  • r/userinterfaces
  • r/userinterface
  • r/AppDevelopment
  • r/AppDevelopers
  • r/appdesign
  • r/appdev


  • #FemaleFounders Group of female founders and women in tech space
  • #Agile
  • ProductLed Get access to our private Slack community, actionable content on Product-Led Growth, exclusive templates, guides, and research that you won’t find anywhere else. All for free!
  • SaaS Alliance An invite-only community for SaaS founders & professionals. Established to exchange knowledge, ideas and best practices.
  • #CreativeTribes Share tribe-building strategies and resources with 1,200+ startup entrepreneurs, marketers and other creatives.
  • Support Driven An Online Community for Support Pros
  • #Launch
  • Startup Study Group StartupStudyGroup is a free resource for entrepreneurs: future, current, and former founders. Goal is to become the most useful tool for this community by learning “Startup as a Second Language” together.
  • Mind the Product Invite-only.
  • SaaS Founders Club

☝🏽 iii. Services

  • productboard productboard is the product management system that helps you understand what users need, prioritize what to build, and rally everyone around your roadmap.
  • UsersThink User Feedback On Demand For Your Landing Pages
  • SurveyMonkey A global leader in survey software. 20 million questions answered daily.
  • Track feedback to build better products Capture feedback in one organized place to inform your product decisions.
  • ProdPad Everything you need to build amazing products.
  • Pendo Complete demand intelligence for your product. Build what your highest-value customers want most
  • Intercom Only Intercom gives you a totally customizable messaging suite to drive growth at every stage of the lifecycle.
  • UserVoice Don’t waste time cobbling together point solutions when you can get a single platform that gives you all the tools to listen, analyze and close the loop with customer bases and internal teams of any size.
  • Mopinion Collect online feedback and turn it into useful insights. Feedback analytics software for websites and mobile apps.

☝🏽 iv. Programs

  • YouNoodle The global leader in startup engagement. Backed by a powerful technology platform and a growing network of 200,000+ startups, we are top brands’ trusted partner to execute startup and innovation programs at scale.
  • Co-Founders Lab Accelerate your business in 12 months.
  • 10XFactory #1 Community for CEOs & founders Looking to 10x their growth.
  • Sales Confidence Join the only sales community now. Over 6000 founders, sales leaders and individual contributors meet at regular events.
  • Founders Beta The ultimate hub for starting a startup. Discover startup job opportunities, courses, and grab coffee with the members.
  • Founders Network Peer mentorship for founders of tech startups.
  • Foundr The go-to resource for helping today’s entrepreneurs build tomorrow’s leading businesses.
  • Inspired Startups Online startup community for entrepreneurs
  • SaaS Club + The community for early stage SaaS founders. Get the help you need to launch and grow your SaaS business. Connect with other founders. Build recurring revenue faster.

☝🏽 v. Podcasts

  • SaaStock – Join the pioneers at the forefront of the SaaS revolution. Learn how to gain traction, grow, and scale your SaaS from the best in the business.
  • The Growth Hub A podcast to help you grow and scale up your B2B SaaS business.
  • SaaS Open Mic SaaS founders and innovators share their story! ChartMogul’s SaaS Open Mic series talks to the most inspiring innovators behind high-growth SaaS businesses, to identify the ingredients for their success.
  • SaaStr Podcast The world’s largest community for business software.
  • Intercom On the Inside Intercom podcast you will hear the team from Intercom interview makers and do-ers from the worlds of product management, design, startups and marketing.

Are there any new ones that need to be updated or no longer available?

Maybe you’ve a brand spankin’ community you’d like to have included on this list.

Comment below and let me know.


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