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What would happen to your business if your website suddenly crashed? Don’t find out the hard way and let me handle pesky website updates while you focus on getting better sleep.

Keep your website running smoothly by getting the web developer professionalism, without paying the full-time salary.

That’s over $5,000 per month for an in-house developer.


  • No Contract – Cancel Anytime, no hidden fees
  • CMS Updates – Peace of mind that your website is up-to-date
  • Weekly & Nightly Backups – Secure backups of your website for quick restoration if something goes wrong
  • Enterprise Network Security – Constant security monitoring to keep intruders out
  • Up-time Performance Scans – 24/7 monitoring to assure availability for your users
  • Google Analytics – Learn about your website visitors to boost search engine rankings
  • Premium Plugins Access – We continuously curate premium plugins that go beyond freemium lite features. Our own investments cover developer licenses. You have access to what we use to power our own WordPress website
  • Unlimited Support Tasks – We’ll update any 30-minute tasks you send our way
  • Monthly Maintenance Report – Know that everything under the hood is under control
  • Heat Maps – Learn more about what your users want, care about, and do on your site by visualizing clicks, taps, & scrolling behavior
  • Recordings – Eliminate guesswork and see what your users see with recordings of real user behavior on your site. Especially powerful to instantly identify usability issues
  • Surveys – Get to know your audience’s hopes & fears better by collecting feedback in real-time
  • Polls – Understand the reasons behind behavior by collecting data of what’s preventing your visitors from achieving desired actions
  • Funnels – Where are your users dropping off? Find the cracks in visitor page journeys to identify improvements & desired steps
  • Scan & Fix Broken Links – Keep search engines happy and your website healthy
  • Search Engine Optimization – Continuous tweaking of metadata behind the scenes to improve organic search visibility

Why Should it MAtter?

Unlimited Tasks

Many websites lose their competitive edge because business owners are either too busy to update it themselves or cannot readily afford a webmaster on an hourly rate to make occasional changes and updates. Small unlimited tasks are defined as a blog post, testimonial, image, video, or plugin updates. Basically, general WordPress inquiries or other general support questions.

Website Security

Online business markets are more prosperous than ever. With that, there’s added risk for hacking. It’s not something that is to be wished on anyone. Hacks cause endless headache, on top of lost revenue and compromised information. It’s imperative that you’re on some type of maintenance care plan that includes regular back-ups, monitoring, and performance optimization.

Care Assessments

If you value your website, then you understand how important it is to your business. If it’s important to your business then you know it needs to be secure. When your website is secure, you’ve peace of mind that professionals are on your side to help you succeed. You don’t have the time to personally run your website. That’s why we’re here. And you can focus on running your business

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